Sketch Turn

Sketch Turn is a piece of NC programming automation software that is designed to help even users with a limited
knowledge of machining to create machining programs optimized for Doosan Machine Tools’ turning centers.

The main menus are placed vertically in consideration of real programming creation processes while the submenus
are aligned horizontally for easier use. The information related with tools and cutting conditions are input into a database
for effective management of machining knowledge. It also provides 3D simulation function for machining prediction.

  1. ① Overview

    display rough information of material and process

  2. ② Main menu

    All of the processes needed to create the NC code are arranged vertically.

    - Program Management

    - Workpiece, Machine Information Setting

    - Process List Management

    - Process Setting (Shape Information, Machining strategy, Enter Cutting Conditions)

    - Simulation

    - Turret, Tools DB Management

  3. ③ Other Information

    Message window for errors and execution info, soft keys

  4. ④ Submenus & Operation Screen

    Parameter entry and cutting simulation check


Shorter programming time &
higher productivity

  • - 50~70 % shorter programming time compared to manual NC code programming.
  • - 90% shorter programming time using the program copy/paste function when creating similar cutting program codes.
  • - Cuts pre-machining test time and checks for errors using 3D graphics simulation.
  • - Optimized for Doosan’s machine tools, no post-processing needed.

Main Functions

Easier program management
Support for Variety of Processes
Easy shape entry appropriate for each process
Operator-oriented cutting condition setup
3D Cutting Simulation
Easy tool management

Video of Model in Action