EOP (Easy Operation Package) is our own CNC application software package.

EOP contains software features specialized for individual machine tool models, as well as various features for your convenience.
EOP is our own developed function to resolve the inconvenience of using machine tools, to enhance precision, and to support the automatic and convenient operation of machine tools.

  1. ① Title

    The screen to display each software name of the Easy Operation Package

  2. ② Function List

    A list of functions contained in the Easy Operation Package

    - Specialized functions according to the model

    - Function for the convenience of using machine tools

    - Function for managing tools and workpiece

    - Correction function to enhance the precision of machine tools

    - Function for monitoring tool load, etc.

  3. ③ Function Execution Button

    Button for converting to each function screen


Enhancing User Convenience and Machine Precision

  • - Enhances user convenience through an automatic measurement cycle
  • - Enhances machine precision through various correction functions
  • - Enhances convenience through tool management and workpiece management
  • - Enhances machine stability through load monitoring

Major functions

Tool Management
Tool Load Monitoring
Adaptive Feed Control (Machining Center)
Smart Thermal Compensation