CUFOS is a PC based control system created by Doosan Machine Tools. Equipped with intuitive user-friendly
functions such as a smart phone screen and easy customization, CUFOS helps to improve operational efficiency and performance for the user.

Providing a touch-based operation method and function of App type, the machine tool may be used as you would a smartphone.

CUFOS provides not only the basic UI for operating machines, but also large-capacity program storage space by adopting PC-based hardware. It also provides the function of creating tool paths for special machining (Sketch Technology), interactive programming system (Sketch Turn), weather measurement code creation system, machine simulation, and real-time collision protection system (CPS).

It is also possible to register the functions developed by the customer in CUFOS

  1. ① Common Information Window

    Regardless of selected functions, the information display window will be shown constantly.
    It consists of the home screen return button, previous App return button, alarm message,
    machine status icon, and the NC mode information display functions.

  2. ② Shortcut

    Displays the App execution button to be selected without returning to the home screen.

  3. ③ Batch Edition of App Selection Button and Shortcuts

    Selects the App selection button shown on the screen, changes the App button location, and selects the App button to be displayed in the shortcut.

  4. ④ App Selection Button

    Displays the available apps, and the user performs the function by touching the displayed button.


User-Friendly Interface

CUFOS, the PC-based control created by Doosan
Machine Tools, is an integrated system solution using
an intuitive 19 inch touch screen. The system provides
a convenient operator interface, a high level of
customization and many useful high technology apps.

CUFOS operation for
enhanced productivity

The CUFOS operating system is based upon the
integration of all aspects of the manufacturing process,
including setting, machining and maintenance. It consolidates
up-to-date software technology created by Doosan
Machine Tools, to improve overall efficiency and productivity.
Using the system’s modular construction, each function
can be easy integrated with external PC software systems
and applications, such as CAM and Tool Data systems.

Maximizing efficiency for
multi-tasking machining

Applied to those multi-tasking turning center like PUMA SMX
series as well as high performance, high productivity horizontal
machining center NHP/NHM series, CUFOS maximizes
the operational efficiency by adding up-to-date software
technology of Doosan Machine Tools including new developed
application such as CPS (Collision Protection System), Turn-cut,
and the Tool Management function etc.

Major functions

Machining > CPS (Collision Protection System)
Machining > SSD data server
Machining > NC control (NC control)
Machining > Status monitoring & Alarm guidance
Set up > Turn cut
Set up > Warming up
Set up > Tool management
Utility > Setting
Utility > Memo
Utility > Manual viewer
Utility > Maintenance manager

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