Bar Feeder

- Bar feeder system is one of basig automation system for turning center
- Small size workpiece are suitable for Bar feeder application and fulfill the best productivity


peripheral device

Main Spindle Parts Catcher

Single operation part produced on the left spindle, or bar remnant can be ejected into the bucket.

Lynx2100, PUMA GT2100, PUMA TT1800SY series

Right Spindle Parts Unloader
and Work Ejector

Work processed by the right spindle is delivered to the parts unloader by the work ejector and then discharged to the parts conveyor.

PUMA TT1800SY, PUMA SMX2600/3100ST series

Parts Conveyor

Finished workpieces are transferred to the indexable output belt conveyor which discharges them to a receiving container.

PUMA TT1800SY, PUMA ST series