[New Product] Doosan’s large-sized turning center enables 2-axis up to Y-axis machining, PUMA 600/700/800 II Series


Doosan Machine Tools (CEO Kim Jae-seop, has renewed its line-up of large-sized horizontal turning centers by replacing the existing PUMA 600/700/800 Series with newly upgraded models. Optimized for large workpieces requiring complex machining, the PUMA 600/700/800 II Series features a slanting bed structure for easy chip disposal, and boasts the largest machining area in its class with a maximum turning diameter of Ø900mm and a maximum turning length of 5050mm.

Productivity improvement with a single setting
The PUMA 600/700/800 II Series provides diverse machining functions ranging from 2-axis to 200mm (±100mm) Y-axis of orthogonal structure design, enabling the machining of large workpieces with complex shapes. The programmable type tailstock included as a standard feature makes it possible to set the position of the tailstock easily according to the size of the workpiece and reduce the set-up time, thereby improving productivity. 

Suitable for machining large workpieces, with the largest machining area and the best cutting performance in its class 
The PUMA 600/700/800 II Series provides the largest machining area in its class. As the 2-axis is equipped with a maximum turning diameter of Ø900mm, and the Y-axis with a maximum turning length of 5050mm, the latest turning centers are especially suitable for machining large workpieces. The new series also features diverse sizes of spindle through hole diameter, with Ø375mm being the maximum (based on the PUMA 800B II), thus enabling the machining of pipes of diverse sizes. In addition, the spindle applied to gear box structure generates the maximum power (standard: 55kW; option: 75kW) and maximum torque (standard: 8076N∙m; option: 11004N∙m) in its class, enabling powerful cutting performance and thereby improving productivity. A Capto type ATC is also available, increasing the number of tools that can be loaded and reducing the tool change time, which provides a significant advantage when cutting hard materials or attempting unmanned automation.  

Reinforced user convenience and options
DOOSAN Fanuc i Plus has been adopted to maximize productivity and convenience, and common design buttons and their handy arrangement boost operator convenience, featuring the Qwerty keyboard for fast and easy operation. Also, the thread repair function provided by Fanuc NC has been adopted as a standard feature, enabling machines ranging from 2-axis to Y-axis centers to operate this function even when the original program is not installed in the machine. 


# New Product # PUMA 600/700/800 II