[New Product] DNM 4500L / DNM 5700L


DMT Expands Lineup of DNM Series, Next-Generation Global Standard Vertical Machining Centers
Doosan Machine Tools has expanded the lineup of its DNM series, highly favored by numerous customers around the world, by launching the DNM 4500L and the DNM 5700L, each of which is equipped with an expandable X-axis. Designed for faster, more precise machining of diverse workpieces, the new DNM models have been improved in various ways, and now boast the maximum machining area in their class, a direct-coupled spindle (standard feature), a thermal error compensation function (standard feature), and diverse EOP (Easy Operation Package) features, further expanding customer choice. 

Largest Machining Capability in Its Class
Known for its rigid, stable structure, the DNM series boasts a varied lineup equipped with a Y-axis ranging from 400mm to 6700mm to fit diverse workpieces and workspaces. The DNM 4500L and 5700L models, which feature extended X-axis travel distances of 910mm and 1300mm respectively, are designed with a wider lower support structure to increase their structural rigidity and stability. Designed for precise and fast machining of a wide range of workpieces, the new models offer a larger machining area as their table size and permissible load have been increased, yet they require only the same machine installation area as previous models. 

Direct-Coupled Type Spindles Improve Productivity
Equipped with direct-coupled type spindles that are crucial for high-precision machining as a standard feature (8000 r/min, 18.5/11 kW), the latest models have dramatically reduced spindle vibration and noise generated during high-speed machining processes, as well as minimizing non-cutting time by reducing the tool change time (1.2 seconds) among other advantages. The direct-coupled type spindle is equipped with Doosan's unique thermal error compensation function to prevent thermal displacement in the spindle in the first place, thereby ensuring stable cutting processes. 

Grease Lubrication for Maximum Productivity, Minimum Maintenance Costs 
Fitted with a grease lubrication function, the new models not only improve the working environment but also reduce maintenance costs by 60% per year compared to oil lubrication. In addition to the installation of various EOP (Easy Operation Package) functions as part of Doosan Machine Tools’ flagship features, operational convenience has been greatly improved by the adoption of an automatic shutter designed to prevent the penetration of fine chips when cutting aluminum, and the installation of a transformer on top of the steel plate to reduce the machine tool’s installation space. 



# DNM 4500L / DNM 5700L