Ethical Management


To ensure continuous growth, we embrace customer-oriented management philosophies, transparent management, and innovation to boost the corporate competitiveness and to practice corporate social responsibilities. As a result, we have set up and implemented the Code of Ethics to require employees to work according to that principle.

This Code of Ethics applies to all our employees, and we recommend that our subcontractors also comply with the code.

We shall rightly understand and observe related laws and Code of Ethics, as well as internal regulations. Specific contents, not specified in Code of Ethics, are provided in the Enforcement Rules, which can be accessed through the Compliance Team. When this Code of Ethics conflicts with the related laws, then the laws will take precedence.

If we find violations of the Code of Ethics or possible violations thereof, we may report them to the relevant office in accordance with the internal procedure and regulation.
In this case, confidentiality will be ensured regarding the reporter’s identity, the fact of reporting, etc. The good-will reporter shall not be subject to disciplinary actions.


We shall not be discriminated against without rational reasons, due to sex, religion, disabilities, age, social status, ethnicity, bodily conditions, marital status, pregnancy or childbirth, family type or family situation, race, skin color, thoughts or political opinions, sexual orientation, education, history of disease, etc.

We shall not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior such as verbal abuse, violence, and sexual harassment.

We select, assign, and evaluate human resources in accordance with rational criteria and principles.

We shall express and communicate diverse opinions freely based on rational grounds.

We shall not treat each other unfairly according to the personal affinity relations, such as faction, delayed study, etc., and pursue teamwork according to reasonable standards and principles.


We shall not directly or indirectly give and take, demand, promise, or express the provision of bribes, entertainment, or other improper benefits with our business partners, individuals, or government officials in relation to the company business.

We shall ensure an accurate writing of materials and financial reports related to the company business in accordance with laws, accounting criteria, and internal regulations.

We shall, in a timely matter, disclose accurate information such as corporate activities, major management activities, etc. in accordance with laws pertaining to public disclosure.

We shall not conduct competitive business and concurrent jobs or any other activities conflicting with the company or acts defacing the company.

We shall not use inside information of the company in stock trading and marketable securities trading, for personal interests, and we shall not provide such information to others.

We shall protect the company’s assets and ensure a safe management thereof to prevent them from being lost, damaged, stolen, and abused.

We shall use the Company's assets for legitimate business purposes only and not for personal gain or for the benefit of third parties.

We shall protect confidential information of the company, and without the approval of the company, shall not share the information with others.

We shall legally protect and manage personal information, handled by the company, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

Fair Competition

We shall regard suppliers, subcontractors, and distributors as business partners, seeking to trust and grow together.

We shall not make agreements or exchange opinions with our competitors that improperly limit competition, regarding the product and service’s price, type, supply amount, trading territory, trading counterparts, trading conditions, and/or bidding conditions or method.

We shall not use the company’s superiority status in exercising influence improperly against any trading counterparts.

Customer-centered innovation, growth

We shall listen and respect customer feedback and attempt to understand customer wants.

We shall provide accurate information on our products and services to customers.

We shall accept diverse technologies, knowledge, ideas, and information.

We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of technology, products and services, business processes, and systems.

Corporate social contribution, safety, and environment

We shall value corporate social responsibility, contribute to society through active corporate activities and active social contribution.

We shall ensure safe management of our working environment, and shall comply with laws and standards for environment, health, and safety related to our workplace.

We shall value the safety of employees, customers and communities as we conduct business activities, including the development, production, and sale of products.

We shall ensure a positive development and innovation of technology to pursue eco-friendly growth.