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    Pallet Systems

    Doosan offers a full complement of linear pallet systems and multiple pallet systems for its range of horizontal machining centers, as well as shuttle type systems for CNC boring mills and VTL’s.

    LPS II

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    Product Description

    LPS is designed to provide optimized system for the user. Depend on user's output and workspace, user can choose proper package.
    Maximum 2 Setup Station and 36 Pallet Storage Rack can be attatched to 3 Horizontal Machining Center.

    Main Features

    - Easily extendable up to 3 HMC.
    - High efficiency of workpiece load space
    - Fast install
    - Easy extension of system by modulized storage rack
    - Auto-operation control by PC based OS
    - Consistent of LPS provided by package
    - Clear and obvious system status display
    - Easy retrofit to existing old model HMC

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    Main Specifications

    Main Specifications
    Sales Model Unit HC400II / HP4000II HC500II / HP5100II
    Pallet Dimension mm (inch) 400 x 400 500 x 500
    Workpiece Diameter mm (inch) 600 800
    Workpiece Height mm (inch) 800 900 / 930
    Workpiece Weight kg 400 500
    Travelling(X) Speed m/min 60 60
    Lifting(Y) Speed m/min 6 6
    Forking(Z) Speed m/min 20 20
    Axis Control - Servo Servo
    Forking Type - Single Fork (Telescopic Mechanism) Single Fork (Telescopic Mechanism)
    Power Supply
    - Cable Cable
    Number of Machines - 1 1
    Number of Setup Stations - 1 1
    Number of Pallet - 12 12
    mm 7190(L) x 2225(W) 7190(L) x 2225(W)