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    The Doosan DooCell is the industry's first bundled robotic automation solution for turning or milling operations, or a combination of both, for small to medium sized plants.

    Drawer Units

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    Product Description

    The D10**, D20 and D50 are versatile automation units that use drawers to hold, orient and locate parts for the robot. The vertical storage of parts using drawers allows more parts to be accumulated in a small footprint for the robot to pick and place parts. The D series of automation can be used with almost any combination of machine tools and can be mixed with either turning or machining centers. The D20 uses a Fanuc M20 6-axis robot as its centerpiece and the D50 uses a M710 50kg(110lbs) capacity robot to get work done.

    Main Features

    - Doosan HMI DAC2 Cell controller
    - Remote offsetting at DAC2
    - Keyboard & Mouse
    - Drawer Unit with 3 drawers
    - EOAT Design with Two 3-Jaws chucks or two 2-jaw chucks
    - I/O Link machine tool interface (up to 2 machines)
    - Required Fanuc software options, material handling software, collision guard
    - Safety Fencing
    - Autodoor, Pneumatic
    - Setup and initial programming at Doosan

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    Main Specifications

    Main Specifications
    Sales Model Unit D10 D20 D50
    Total Part Weight lbs 2000 2000 2000
    Robot Model (Fanuc) - M10i M20i M710i
    Compatible Machines - Lynx 220LC, Lynx 220M, DNM400 Lynx series, DNM400, DNM500, Puma 2100 Series, Puma 2600 Series, GT series, MX1600, TT1800SY Lynx series, DNM400 & DNM500, Puma 2100 Series, Puma 2600 Series, GT series, MX 2100, MX2600,TT2500, Puma V400