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We proudly introduce you to the history of Doosan Machine Tools, which has been continuously developing as a global leader of the machine industry on the strength of its own technological prowess ever since its inception.


  • 1986

    Received the Parent Management Award

  • 1984

    Hit the 5,000 mark in machine tools production

  • 1983

    Initiated the production of NC machining centers/exceeded the 3,000 mark in machine tools production
    Won the Quality Control Award

  • 1981

    Began exporting NC machine tools

  • 1980

    Independently developed NC(Numerical Control) lathes (PUMA 10)

  • 1979

    Reached the 1,000 milestone in machine tools production

  • 1976

    Completed the construction of the machine tools factory


  • 1999

    Obtained the IQRS, ISO14000 certifications

  • 1997

    Simultaneously developed all models of CNC Lathe New Series (26 models)
    Received the Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

  • 1996

    Won the Korean National Quality Award/Received the USD 100 Million Export Tower Award (Machine Tools)

  • 1994

    Established DMC (Daewoo Machinery Corp.), a U.S. subsidiary
    Exported CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) lathe manufacturing technology to China / Surpassed the KRW 100 billion milestone in annual machine tools sales

  • 1993

    Obtained ISO 9001 certification

  • 1990

    Reached the 10,000 landmark in machine tools production


  • 2016

    Renamed as Doosan Machine Tools Co,. Ltd. (May)

  • 2015

    FM/5AX series won the Red Dot Design Award in the main competition.

  • 2014

    PUMA SMX series won the Red Dot Design Award in the main competition.

  • 2013

    Completed the construction of Seongju Factory; Expanded its large machine tools manufacturing capacity

  • 2011

    Achieved the biggest order amount & sales in the BG’s history
    Successfully held the 8th DIMF(Doosan International Machine tools Fair) (a total of 65 units were exhibited.)

  • 2010

    High-speed, high-rigidity, multi-axis NC(Numerical Control) lathe was selected as one of Korea’s top 100 technologies of the year 2010

  • 2009

    Vertical Machining Center DNM series was chosen as one of Korea’s proud technologies (the National Academy of Engineering of Korea)

  • 2008

    Established the largest R&D center in Korea

  • 2007

    Integrated with the Doosan Mecatec Machine Tools BG
    Achieved KRW 1 trillion in consolidated sales

  • 2005

    Renamed “Doosan Infracore” (April)
    Won the Technology Innovation Award (the Korean Society for Precision Engineering)

  • 2004

    Multi-tasking turning center was selected as one of Korea’s top 10 new technologies of the year 2003
    Won the USD 1 Billion Export Tower Award

  • 2003

    Began the construction of a machine tools manufacturing plant in Yantai, China
    Won the USD 700 Million Export Tower Award

  • 2002

    Selected as a model conglomerate in exports (USD 650 million)
    Established a local subsidiary in Yantai, China

  • 2001

    CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) lathe was chosen as one of the global top-tier products (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
    The high-speed machining center was chosen as one of Korea’s top 10 new technologies of the year 2001 (Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy)

  • 2000

    Exported machine tools technology to China (Nantong)
    Hit the 50,000 mark in cumulative shipments of machine tools