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| Doosan Machine Tools

Doosan Machine Tools participate in INTERMOLD KOREA 2017

At the INTERMOLD KOREA 2017 exhibition, due to be held from March 7 to 11 (5 days) at KINTEX in Ilsan, Doosan Machine Tools will showcase its high end and large-size mold processing line-up under the slogan, “Your Reliable Partner.” Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see the 5-face VC 630/5AX, the multi-tasking VCF 850LSR, large mold-processing machines such as the BM 2035M and DCM 2740F, and various other high-end, large-sized machine tools designed to satisfy the diverse needs of the customers with their enhanced technical power. DMT’s NX 6500 II is a large-size mold-processing model that delivers high speed, accuracy and stability, while the MD 6700 boasts a range of outstanding new design features.

Doosan Machine Tools will introduce its highly-reliable mold processing solutions, including chatter reduction control technology, at the event. The company plans to showcase its advanced smart factory solutions, demonstrating to visitors how its control and smart factory technologies provide operators with high productivity and convenience.

The INTERMOLD KOREA exhibition, held by the Korea Die and Mold Industry Cooperative since 1981, will celebrate its 23rd anniversary this year. INTERMOLD KOREA 2017, which is preparing to be the largest event in its history, will provide exhibitors with unmissable opportunities for marketing and advertizing their latest die and mold machines and systems to visitors from all around the world. At INTERMOLD KOREA 2017, Doosan Machine Tools will introduce Doosan's lineup of high-end molding equipment and solutions for realizing smart manufacturing environments, as well as hosting various events and meetings with experts to satisfy the visitors' expectations.

The MD 6700 machining center is designed for processing small-to-medium-sized dies and molds equipped with the BT50. Various spindles with an rpm range of 8,000~12,000 r/min are available for processing molds of diverse specifications, and thermal error minimization and compensation features are included as standard features to guarantee stable machining and enhanced accuracy. The extended working area, i.e. 670 mm of the Y-axis stroke, satisfies customers' needs for diverse machining. In addition, this compact machine tool is designed to provide the automobile and IT industries with new mold solutions while saving precious factory floor space.

The BM 2035M is a 3-axis double-column machining center designed for processing large molds. Its symmetrical structure design achieves higher rigidity and machining accuracy, while its spindle and frame thermal error control function (standard) is a must for large-scale mold machines. The long-nose type spindle (12000 r/min; 30/25 kW) makes it possible to work on products with larger height differences and deeper pockets using shorter tools, thereby achieving excellent surface quality and cutting capacity.

The DCM 2740F is a multi-functional, double-column machining center boasting high rigidity and precision that delivers high machining accuracy by minimizing the vibration caused by 5-face heavy cutting. Its cross-rail guide design guarantees smooth travel while its heat-treated structural members enable long-term high precision. Designed to be the largest in its class and offer the largest working area and heavy cutting, high speed and precision accuracy machining can be achieved by selecting various ram spindles. With its diverse selection of head attachments for various machining processes, the DCM 2740F machining center enables high-precision mold- machining at high speed with high accuracy contour control.

Endowed with the capacity to implement various machining applications with a single unit, the VCF 850LSR multi-purpose machine tool can process products which otherwise need a machining center or turning center, using multiple vises and the longest X-axis travel distance in its class, thereby maximizing productivity. Idling time can be further reduced by isolating the cutting area and set-up area with a partition in the working area. The rapid traverse of the axes is 40 m/min, and the tool change time is just 1.5 s. Furthermore, the machine tool can perform turning using an indexing table and rotary table, thus replacing the turning center and simultaneous 4-face and 5-face cutting, resulting in great savings on initial investment and labor costs.

Equipped with a constant-pressure type spindle to enhance its rigidity and lifespan, the NX 6500 II is a high-end, precision-accuracy vertical machining center for mold processing with efficient chip disposal, reduced footprint, and enhanced operator convenience functions. The double-column design and robust base give the NX 6500 II an excellent foundation for high-performance, high-accuracy machining. Along with the thermal error compensation system, high-speed, high- accuracy contour control, and a tool monitoring and measurement system optimized for mold processing are provided as standard features to improve the machine’s mold processing performance.