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We aim to grow into a global leader by responding to the rapidly changing market environment and customer needs and providing optimized products and services.

Global TOP 3 in Metal Cutting Strengthen internal competencies - Expand product line-ups, Expand in Individual regions, Expand across industries

Global Top3 in Metal CuttingStrengthen internal competencies

Expand product
Expand across industries
Expand in Individual regions


We will enhance our efforts to develop products with growth potential for our client industries and come up with solutions and response systems to the needs of our client industries.
We will lay the groundwork for continuous corporate growth through the promotion of growth strategies tailored for each region around the globe, the enhancement of our competency to respond to our global customers’ needs, and the upgrade of our internal capabilities to make continuous improvements in quality and customer service.
Through all these efforts, Doosan Machine Tools aims at emerging as Global Top 3 in the field of metal cutting of various machine tools.