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Customer Service

We have set up a service network that covers every corner of the country for real-time customer support and services. We always do our very best to ensure customer satisfaction.

Doosan Customer Service

Our centers provide customer services and operates the whole process from service receipt to final processing in real-time. We offer service in a speedy and accurate way via our service centers across the nation and supply parts within 24 hours through the efficient operation of parts centers.

We have ceaselessly carried out operational innovation activities to meet customer expectations and worked hard to bring success to clients.

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Customer Service Policy

Global Service Network

We have a service network for each country around the world. Check the location of the service center closest to you at "Search Service Centers" below.

Doosan’s Direct Dispatch Service

For immediate tech support and services for our new or high-capacity products, we run emergency overseas dispatch teams in addition to providing regular support for our overseas subsidiaries with our highly qualified H/Q tech staff.


The Doosan warranty applies to all Doosan Machine Tools products purchased through Doosan subsidiaries or Doosan dealers. The warranty differs from region to region, with the usual warranty period lasting for 18 months from shipment or 12 months from installation, whichever comes first. The warranty period for purchased parts is six months from the date of purchase. For further details, please refer to the sales contract or contact a service center in your area.